Tuesday, 16 May 2017

What is seo and how it works step by steps

What is Search Engine Optimization

SEO Definition: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of visibility of a website or blog in a web search engines (google, yahoo, bing) unpaid results. for example if you are searching about something on google and some of the top result will appear in the search results list (or higher ranked on the search results page) this is called as SEO.

Once you start a website or blog next step is to route visitors to the site, so here SEO comes in to picture. once search engines start to optimize your contents you can get lotes of unique visitors daily from search engines at free of cost.

Why does my website need SEO

The majority of web traffic is  driven from the search engines like google, bing and yahoo. also you can drive traffic from social media sites too. but majority of traffic always should be from search engine itself. 

How this search engines finding the contents from our website? The answer is we should submit a site map to webmaster tool(only for google search engine). Then google can get an idea about our site and contents and start appear on search results. If search engines cannot find your site then you miss a good opportunity to drive traffic to your site. 

How to do SEO for a website

Google webmaster tools is a better way to optimize your website, This is a web interface provided by google at free of coast. This tool is widely used by webmasters for indexing and optimizing their entire website and get it in to top in search engines like google, bing etc..

Google Webmaster Tools provides the following very useful services for your website: 

  • Submit/check the sitemap for your website. 
  • Adjust the crawl rate of the Google bots for your website and view the statistics. 
  • Generate/check the robots.txt file for your website. 
  • List the internal and external pages that link to your website. 
  • Check what keyword searches led the site to being displayed in the Google search engine results pages and click-through rates for them. 
  • Check statistics about how Google has indexed your website and whether it has found any issues while doing so. 
  • Set a preferred domain name (e.g. over or vice versa) which will determine how the site URL will be displayed in search engine results pages.
Google webmaster tool is highly recommended solution to all bloggers who searching to get more visitors from search engines at free of coast.  only you need to do is submit a XML sitemap for your website.

How to Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster

  • At first you have to create a xml sitemap for your site. If you are using WordPress Blog then you can easily make a sitemap file by using Google XML Sitemaps Plugin.
  • Once you’ve created your sitemap, Go to Google Webmaster Tools and sign in with your Gmail account. Click ‘Add a site’ and type your site link.
  • Then you need to verify your site ownership. For this they will give several method. So there are several ways to verify your ownership. I recommend you to use “Adding a meta tag to your site’s home page”  Just select select HTML tag, Copy the given meta tag, and paste it into your site’s home page. For wordPress user add this code to your Head section in theme editor.
  • Once you’ve added the meta code on your site, Click on Verify button. It will show a verification message that your site is successfully verified.
  • Now time to submit your sitemap. Click on ”Sitemaps’ under ‘Optimization’. A new page will be appeared. Click on ‘ADD/TEST SITEMAP’ button from top right. A box will be shown. Now submit your sitemap URL. If you use the ‘Google XML Sitemaps’ plugin then it will be sitemap.xml. Put it on that box. Click on ‘Submit Sitemap’ button.
  • Once you’ve submitted your sitemap it will be shown a message that ”Sitemap’ submitted.

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