Sunday, 23 April 2017

How to track a lost or stolen android smartphone using GPS

How many of you know that you can track your android smartphone if it is stolen or lose. Yes it is possible, not only tracking the phone, also you can erase all data in the phone, ability to change your screen unlock password and the ability to lock the screen remotely. Don't worry if your smartphone is not connected to the internet because GPS works even when the device isn't connected to the internet.

The android smartphone we are tracking using a feature called Android Device Manager. Most  android devices which release after 2014 have a built in feature called Android Device Manager. This service constantly pings your device's location back to Google's servers so that Google knows where your device is. You can then use Google's web interface to see where your device is at any given time.

How to enable Android Device Manager

1. Navigate to Android's Settings..
2. Under Personal, tap Security..
3. Under Device Administration, tap Device Administrators..
4. Tap Android Device Manager..
5. Tap Activate.

Once all done you need to open a web browser and navigate to the Android Device Manager dashboard (, and sign into your account (the same one associated with your device). and click the locate device button. it will show the last known location. 

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